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To become familiar with a huge offer of airlines companies really is not easy. We are aware of it, and that is why we are preparing for you cheap air tickets worldwide for years. Day by day we are drawing the attention of cheap traveling fans by means of our portal SVĚT LETENEK to current purchase allowance air tickets not only to popular destinations.

Show air tickets in action

Particular air tickets distinguish not only in prices, but also in quality and the scope of provided services, and/or the number of luggage dispatched free of charge. The same line ma cost several hundred, but also several dozen thousand crowns. Should the air ticket price is for you the most decisive criterion for making the decision and you would prefer to save some crowns, nowadays you may acquire the air tickets worldwide at very attractive prices.

By air and/or or by bus?

Especially low cost air lines are offering the air tickets at such prices, to compete with which neither most of overland transport carriers may face. Comparing the bus, you are always saving not only money, but also lot of time you may thereafter spend at more pleasant locations. Also travelling comfort is not the last matter to be taken into account. Most of us cannot imagine long-hours travel by bus and aching back and/or stiffened back. Airline safety represents another advantage, which is higher if compared with that that of being repatriated might be higher that if compared with road transport.

Would you like to know more about air ticket purchasing? We prepared for you 5 advices for cheap and especially safe travelling that might help you not only in acquiring the cheapest air ticket.

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We assist you to travel cheap

Apart from searching the super cheap air tickets we are ensuring the providing of other services connected with travelling worldwide. The traveling abroad sometimes require also numerous other steps, which are necessary to be ensured even before the travel itself. To decrease the number of your troubles taking place before the journey preparation, we are ready to assist you even with other matters.

  • Accommodation abroad

    You have bought air ticket abroad and you are seeking the accommodation? We are ready to advice and help you. Numerous travelers resolve their journeys such a way, they wish to have ensured after the arrival into their dream destination a first night, at least. Such a way they would retire after such demanding travel, they would acclimatize and the next day would go on their journey. We are ready to help you to ensure the accommodation abroad in co-operation with the verified partners.

  • Parking at the airport

    Should you are planning to come to the airport using your own car; surely you would wish to park it at a safe place. We can ensure cheap parking just at the airport – under advantageous price and for the whole period of your stay abroad. Parking might be ensured including the transfer to the air port terminal and back.

  • Car rental abroad

    You do not like to roll the whole day at the beach and/or to move in the hotel vicinity only? Rent a car abroad You may choose from a large offer from a small city car up to big luxury one. Thanks to car rental you would manage to recognize more locations and save lot of time. This way you would avoid ensuring the transfer from air port to the do hotel and back, that used not to be the cheapest. In most cases the car might be both taken and returned just at the airport. In our travel bureau you may car rental negotiate online and in English language, so you need not be commanding foreign language.

Dou you need an advice?

Are you still hesitating and/or you need an advice? We can assist you from air ticket selection up till car rental abroad. We appreciate to compile your complete journey plan to be tailored. Write us to our travel bureau e-mail. Surely, we will find out the best solution for your travel abroad together.

We are looking forward to co-operate with you!