CHEAP ACCOMMODATION - hotels and guest houses

Seeking a hotel

Travelling to the Czech Republic and/or abroad, you are capable to ensure accommodation easily, and meeting your vision strictly. Do you prefer rather cheap accommodation in a guest house, or luxurious hotel in a metropolitan centre? Thanks to co-operation with the worldwide biggest accommodation agency you may choose exactly location and hotel meeting your requirements.

You can choose from over 847.000 accommodation offers as follows:

  • Five-star hotel
  • Four-star hotel
  • Three-star hotel
  • Double-star hotel
  • Single-star hotel
  • Guest house
  • Hostel
  • Botel
  • Bed and breakfast (B&B)

We are always offering the most advantageous accommodation; you need for your travel. Should you are not certain with the Internet searching the accommodation and/or for safety reasons you do not wish to make payment via a payment card, leave your issue to the hands of professionals. We manage to our clients on a daily basis the cheap accommodation worldwide, cheap air tickets, car rental and other services.

Payment for specific services takes place in the Czech Republic and in Czech crowns (CZK), which fact is preferred especially by clients, who do not like to travel with a bigger cash and dislike to lend their payment card due to a risk of its misuse. This kind of payment procedure is optimal also for companies and other institutions. Said service is not available online. For managing the accommodation thru prepaid voucher, please contact us directly.

Thanks the variability of our partners, we can offer very favorable prices for accommodation. Type and furnishings of accommodational facility would be always tailored to specific requirements of travelers. We could offer up to million possibilities, of which actually everybody might choice. Apart from a standard offer we are capable to manage the accommodation in small hotels and guest houses, which are not a part of global contracts.

Please, send us your expectations, and specify your accommodation requirements, and we will take care about the rest. We are ready to help you also to manage accommodation for groups, delegations, workshops, teambuilding etc. You may specify in your requirement the location, boarding/catering and/or equipment (swimming pool/Internet/air conditioning/sauna and so on). You may contact us by phone: +420 569 123 456 or via e-mail: